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To see if the Civil Service Exam for Park Ranger positions with the

City of Los Angeles, Department of Recreation and Parks, is open:
visit the City Personnel Building
700 E. Temple Street, Room 100, Los Angeles
Mon. - Fri., 7:00 am - 5:00 pm



click here to visit the City of L.A. Job web site




call (213) 847-9424, 7:00 am - 5:00 pm


$45,936 - $57,085



A Park Ranger provides public assistance and emergency services, including first aid, crowd and traffic control, firefighting, and search and rescue; patrols City parks, beaches, and other facilities to ensure park security; interprets and enforces City regulations and Municipal and Penal Code sections regarding park use; prepares and presents interpretive nature and environmental programs; and may provide radio communication to ranger units.


U.S. citizenship, or must have applied for U.S. citizenship before the date of the Park Ranger application. Non-citizens must indicate in Box 37 of the paper application or in the Special Licenses Box of the online City employment application the date they applied for U.S. citizenship. Non-citizens must obtain U.S. citizenship as soon as possible after being hired for continued employment; and

Graduation from a recognized four-year college or university, with a major in Park Administration, Recreation, Botany, Zoology, Biology, Fire Science, Criminal Justice, or other field-oriented Natural, Social or Behavioral Science, or a closely related field;

The following experience may be substituted for the education lacking on a year-for-year basis:
Full-time experience, as a Park Ranger or other law enforcement officer with a recognized peace officer organization.

Full-time paid experience, in the protection (or preparation and presentation of scientific information related to vegetation, wildlife, ecosystems or historical significance) of a park, forest, or public recreational or historical area or facility;

Full-time experience as a Security Officer with the Department of Recreation and Parks;

Full-time experience as a firefighter, paramedic, or EMT;

Full-time experience as a lifeguard with a governmental agency; and
A qualifying score on the Park Ranger Qualifying Multiple-Choice Test.

See Job Preview for additional information regarding the duties and requirements of a Park Ranger. Copies of the Job Preview may be obtained at all locations where City job applications are available and is also available on the City website at

Candidates must be at least 18 years of age at the time of hire.

A Standard First Aid and CPR or EMT-1 certificate is desired, but not required.



1. Possession of a valid California driver's license and a good driving record.
2. Passing a thorough and comprehensive background investigation.
3. Successful completion of a thorough medical examination, including a 
    psychological inventory.
4. Signing the Acknowledgment of Reimbursement of Park Ranger Training Costs.
5. May be required to undergo a drug and alcohol screening test.





The City of Los Angeles strives to hire the best candidate for every position. Our goal is

to fill each job with a person who is well qualified, has an interest in the job, and who will

be committed to a career in that field. To do this, we feel it is important for applicants to

have a realistic understanding of the job so they can decide if the job is truly one in which

they have an interest and the ability to do well.


The job factors listed below are features of the Park Ranger position about which

applicants may not be aware. If any of these factors present a problem for you, we

suggest you consider alternative employment choices which may better fit your career



Have peace officer status with the authority  to make misdemeanor and felony arrests.  (Park Rangers do not carry firearms on the job.)

Wear a bullet resistant vest.

Attend months of intensive training  in Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST), including firearms, defensive and emergency driving, criminal law, physical fitness, self defense, CPR and First Aid.

Deal with persons individually, in groups, or possibly in gangs who may be unruly, violent or under the influence of drugs/alcohol.

Physically restrain persons and/or transport them to a police station, sometimes alone.

Work outside in all weather conditions.

Drive a car or truck in severe weather conditions, sometimes off road and sometimes alone.

Work various shifts at various locations on a rotating schedule, including working weekends and holidays.

Patrol Recreation and Park facilities to prevent unauthorized entry, vandalism, theft or other crimes.

Provide escort and protection to persons carrying valuables.

Provide emergency services, shelter and welfare to persons in emergency conditions.

 Respond to accidents and administer First Aid

 to victims, some of whom may  have infectious diseases, sometimes alone.

Extinguish brush, vehicle or structure fires on park property, sometimes alone.

Organize or participate in search and rescue operations for people lost in wilderness areas.

Speak to groups/individuals about topics such as parks, vegetation, native animals and history.

Work closely with the Departments of Police, Office of Public Safety,  Fire, Animal Regulation, American Red Cross and many other agencies.

Appointment is subject to your signing an Acknowledgment of Reimbursement of Park Ranger Training Costs, if you leave City 
employment within 60 months of completing training, or if, within one year after leaving, you become employed by another enforcement agency.

Appointment is subject to successful completion of a thorough background investigation which includes a review of employment history, criminal conviction record, habitual use of intoxicants and drugs, and any other factors which may affect suitability for employment.

Based on City policy, before being hired you may be required to undergo a drug and alcohol screening test.